About JK Burchett

Painter & Muralist

JK Burchett is an American Pop Artist located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where from a young age he worked in acrylic with a focus on movement and expression. Briefly an art
student at Texas State University, JK Burchett graduated with a bachelor’s degree and promptly began a career as an engineer, which he incorporates into his
artistry to juxtapose control with chaos.

In 2016, JK Burchett moved to Arkansas, where he delved deeper into commercial pieces for clients. JK specializes in large portraits and murals that are bright, vibrant, and colorful. His style is greatly influenced by street art, graffiti, popular culture, and comics.

His resume includes:

·       The “MEOW” Mural at Jen’s Kitty Rehab – Fort
Smith, AR – 2021

·       The “MEOW” Painting donated by JK Burchett to
raise funds for Jen’s Kitty Rehab. – 2021

·       “Action” Inaugural Film Festival Poster for the
Fort Smith International Film Festival – 2021

·       Fall for Art Festival 2021 Logo and Poster – Van Buren, AR – 2021

·       Don’t Blink exhibit at The Gallery on Garrison
showcasing over 15 original paintings. Fort Smith, AR – 2022

·       “Wild Thirst” Mural commissioned by Mountain Dew/Pepsi. Little Rock, AR – 2022


·       Planned mural of Cesar Chavez in Fort Smith, AR. – 2023


 JK Burchett’s large original canvas paintings include figures such as Johnny Cash, Bass Reeves, and Marilyn Monroe, in addition to other traditional pop figures.

Currently, JK Burchett spends his time painting, creating clothing, designing art for businesses, volunteering, and creating large murals.

Righteous Man by JKBurchett